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Fundamentals of Business Process Management

This textbook covers the entire Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle, from process identification to process monitoring, covering along the way process modelling, analysis, redesign and automation. Concepts, methods and tools from business management, computer science and industrial engineering are blended into one comprehensive and inter-disciplinary approach. The presentation is illustrated using the BPMN industry standard defined by the Object Management Group and widely endorsed by practitioners and vendors worldwide.
In addition to explaining the relevant conceptual background, the book provides dozens of examples, more than 230 exercises – many with solutions – and numerous suggestions for further reading. This second edition includes extended and completely revised chapters on process identification, process discovery, qualitative process analysis, process redesign, process automation and process monitoring. A new chapter on BPM as an enterprise capability has been added, which expands the scope of the book to encompass topics such as the strategic alignment and governance of BPM initiatives.
The textbook is the result of many years of combined teaching experience of the authors, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as in the context of professional training. Students and professionals from both business management and computer science will benefit from the step-by-step style of the textbook and its focus on fundamental concepts and proven methods. Lecturers will appreciate the class-tested format and the additional teaching material available on the accompanying website.

Quality Management

The current economic climate, characterized by growing international competition, is forcing companies to rethink their approach in terms of strategy, the customer and supplier relationship, processes and human resource management. In this context, 'quality management' - synonymous with efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness, becomes essential.
Quality Management: Tools, Methods and Standards fills a gap in the current literature by providing an updated overview of the discipline and its boundless fields of application from industry to public administration. Written by authors with both academic and practitioners backgrounds, the book serves as a culmination of the knowledge they have gained as managing directors and chairmen of leading companies. Starting from the history of quality, the authors provide the reader with a review of the main tools and approaches aimed at improving effectiveness and efficiency in organizations. Balanced scorecard, QFD, and FMEA are some of the solutions that are first introduced theoretically and then described in their application. International standards are also broadly discussed: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and SA8000 are described in their essential features and implementation patterns.
This book should be considered a must-read for students, academics, and practitioners who are interested in the theory and practice of quality managemen

Juris Kriķis
Piemares zveji paceļ buras

Grāmatā «Piemares zveji paceļ buras» - unikāls fotogrāfiju un informācijas apkopojums par Dienvidkurzemes piekrastes zvejas vēsturi un tradīcijām.
Strādājot ilgus gadus Liepājas muzejā, Juris Kriķis ir apkopojis vērtīgu informāciju par Liepājas apkaimes piekrastes zvejniekiem. Pētnieks atklāj dažus no faktiem, kas atklājas grāmatā un par ko būs iespējams uzzināt plašam cilvēku lokam, arī par zvejas flotes attīstību kopumā:

Franču pulkvežleitnanta Emanuela Diparkē atmiņas

Pulkvežleitnants Emanuels Diparkē 1919. gada pavasarī tika iecelts par Francijas militāras misijas vadītāju Latvijā. Savas misijas laikā viņš bija liecinieks notikumiem, kas palīdzēja veidot mūsdienu Latviju. Balstoties uz Francijas Aizsardzības ministrijai nosūtītajiem ziņojumiem, notām un savām personīgajām atmiņām, Emanuels Diparkē attēlo Latvijas vēsturi Pirmā pasaules kara laikā un pirmajos pēckara gados. Viņš raksturo Latviju kā "modru priekšposteņa sargkareivi - uzticamu un bezgala spējīgu pildīt miera saglabāšanas lomu Eiropā". Grāmatu veido 1926. gadā Francijā publicēto Emanuela Diparkē memuāru fragmenti, kas pirmoreiz tulkoti latviešu valodā, plaši komentēti un ilustrēti ar fotogrāfijām no Latvijas muzeju krājumiem.

Mark von Rosing
The Complete Business Process Handbook

This is the most comprehensive body of knowledge on business processes. Written as a practical guide for Executives, Practitioners, Managers and Students by the authorities that have shaped the way we think and work with process today.

This book is one of tree volumes, representing the most comprehensive body of knowledge publised on business process. Second volume uniquely bridging theory with how BPM is applied today with the most extensive information on extended BPM. The third volume explores award winning real-life examples of leading business process practices and how it can be replaced to your advantage.
Education in Latvia

How can Latvia improve the quality and equity of its education system and realise long-term efficiency gains? This report covers the whole education system from early childhood education and care to tertiary education and provides an assessment of Latvia’s policies and practices against the best approaches in education and skills across the OECD. This international comparison brings to the fore the many strengths of Latvia’s education system, but also highlights the challenges it faces and provides a number of recommendations in response. This report will be of value to Latvia but also policy makers in other countries looking to raise the quality, equity and efficiency of their education systems.