Research & development

Research Institutions

Liepaja University has been registered as one of the scientific institutions in Latvia. It has research institutes, several research centres and laboratories that carry out scientific research.
One of the university’s strategic aims is to strengthen international cooperation in research and higher education. Therefore, Liepaja University is open to national and international cooperation.
The scientific activities are coordinated by the LiepU Scientific Council and Dr. philol. Ieva Ozola, Vice-Rector for Science.

Read more about the institutes:
  • Kurzeme Institute of Humanities (KIH)
  • Institute of Management Sciences (IMS)
  • Institute of Science and Innovative Technologies (ISIT)
     ISIT supervises the Circular Economy Center.
  • Institute of Educational Sciences (IES)
     In compliance with different trends in education, IES supervises three research centres:
      • Alternative Education Centre
      • Sociological Research Centre
      • Special Education Laboratory

Faculties of Liepaja University supervise centers and laboratories for scientific activities:
  • Art Research Laboratory (MPLab)
  • Psychological support Center
  • Speech Therapy Center
  • Music Therapy Center

Vice-Rector for Science

Ieva Ozola,  Dr. philol. 
Phone: +371 63407783 
              +371  22026079