Institute of Science and Innovative Technologies

Circular Economy Center

Circular Economy Center conducts research in the areas of sustainability, circulation economy, innovation and education field as well as offering LiepU students the possibility of practical learning the recycling processes of paper and other materials relevant to the circular economy. Organise workshops and seminars to introduce and educate society about recycling processes of different materials. Centre cooperate with local and international universities, educational institutions and other organisations who are implementing the circular economy by improving the teaching methodology of circular economy.

Head of the Centre, Lilita Ābele, Mg. Sc. env.

Circular Economy Center is located in Liepaja, Lielā Street 14, Room 003 (0th floor).

Circular Economy Center participate in projects:

  1. Interreg Baltic Sea Region, Improving smart specialisation implementation of the Baltic Sea Region through orchestrating innovation hubs (Smart-up BSR) Nr. #R044; (01.10.2017. – 01.10.2020.)

  2. Inerreg South Baltic Programme, RBR - Reviving Baltic Resilience (01.07.2017. – 30.07.2020.)

  3. VP39 - "Latvijas valsts un sabiedrības izaicinājumi un risinājumi starptautiskā kontekstā (INTERFRAME-LV)" (Nr.VPP-IZM-2018/1-0005); ( 05.12.2018. - 30.11.2021.)

  4. Nordplus Higher Education 2018, Intensive Course of Circular Economy; Nr. NPHE – 2018/10021; (15.11.2018- 01.12.2019)

  5. Nordplus Higher Education 2017, Practical Approach for Teaching Circular Economy; Nr. NPHE-2017/10144; (15.06.2017- 01.10.2018)

  6. Nordplus Higher Education 2017, Circular Economy Future; Nr. NPHE-2016/10249; (01.08.2016.- 30.08.2017.)