E-Study Technologies and Management

Awarded degree and/or qualification: Doctoral degree in engineering - or Doctoral degree in pedagogical sciences - Dr.paed.

Duration/Study form: 3 years /Full time

Fees: 4400 EUR per year

Admission requirements:

  • hold a master's degree in engineering, environmental sciences, educational sciences, social sciences
  • report (10-15 pages) on chosen research area or scientific article in chosen research field
  • Interview

Requirements of the program: Acquisition of compulsory interdisciplinary theoretical courses in E-study technologies and in English terminology and acquisition of limited choice courses related to a research field in Information technologies and its management; independent obtaining of new scientific results, its publishing and formatting in the form of dissertation. 

After graduation, the graduate will have an opportunity to: work academic and scientific work in institutions of higher education or in other scientific institutions, as well as to work on the development of large and complex projects in the field of E-technologies.

Language of the programme

Programme is conducted in English.

Language proficiency

Minimum IELTS (6).

Contact information: Study program director: Anita Jansone