Full degree studies in English

Application Procedure

I. General provisions

1. Procedures for enrolling foreigners in Liepaja University (hereinafter – Procedures) prescribe the procedures of applicant selection and the drawing up of documents, as well as the procedures for the document keeping until an applicant is immatriculated in the number of students in Liepaja University.

2. A citizen of the European Union, European Economic Area, Swiss confederation, a permanent resident of the European Community, who has a valid residence permit, has the same rights to study in Liepaja University as the citizens of Latvia and the non-citizens of Latvia in accordance with the terms of enrolment.

3. The foreigners within the meaning of these procedures are those foreign nationals, who are not mentioned in Clause 2.

4. The selection of applicants for the autumn intake takes place until the 1st of July, for the spring intake – until the 1st of December.

5. A foreigner has to start the studies in the autumn semester not later than on the 1st of October, in the spring semester – not later than on the 1st of March.

6.The enrolment of foreigners in accordance with these procedures shall be organized by the Foreign Affairs Department in cooperation with Admission Commission.

7. The foreigners can be eligible to full-time study places financed by natural and legal persons in the study programmes determined by the Senate in compliance with the terms of enrolment in these study programmes.

8. The foreigners for the study places in Liepaja University: 

8.1. have to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter – OCMA) and the requirements of other institutions of the Republic of Latvia, which are related to entering and residing of the foreigners in the Republic of Latvia;

8.2. have to submit the documents of the secondary education and the documents of the higher level education (if apply apply for master or doctoral studies);  

8.3. have to fulfil the requirements of enrolment and have to participate in the competition for the relevant study programmes;

8.4. have to fulfil the additional requirements and the additional entrance examinations related to the clarification and approval of the obtained previous education of a foreigner accordingly to the chosen study programme;

8.5. must have sufficient knowledge of the language in which the studies are held;

8.6. have to submit IELTS certificate, which is issued over the past five years or an official statement that secondary or higher education has been obtained in English, as well as to participate on online interview in English.


II. Procedures for drawing up of the documents for foreigners


9. The foreigners apply for studies electronically on the website www.apply.liepu.lv. At the same time should be sent/submitted to Liepaja University:

9.1.a legalized certificate of the secondary education with a transcipt and/or a certificate of higher level education with a transcript;

9.2.a copy of passport (all pages);

9.3.2 photo cards (3x4 cm);

9.4.a document on the change of a given name and surname (if necessary);

9.5.a payment document certifying that the registration fee is paid in the amount of 150,- euro* to the account of LiepU (registration fee is not refunded).

10. After the receipt of the educational documents, the Foreign Affairs Department, on behalf  of Liepaja University, submits the copies of these documents to the Academic Information Centre (hereinafter – AIC), in order to receive the statement on the document equalisation.

11. If  AIC statement is:

11.1. positive, the Foreign Affairs Department makes an online interview with an applicant in English and sends applicant’s educational documents, AIC report and the protocole of made interview to the Admission Commission,. If the decision of Admission Commission is positive, Foreign Affairs Department prepares and sends electronically the confirmation about admission with a payment statement to the applicant;

11.2. negative, the Foreign Affairs Department informs an applicant about the AIC decision and further procedures are not  made.

12. Receiving the confirmation that the applicant has made necessary payments (study fee for the 1st study year and security fee 500,- eur), the Foreign Affairs Department prepares the study agreement and sends it in two duplicates to the applicant’s indicated address by post.

13. An applicant sends by post to Liepaja University/submits in Liepaja University:

13.1. a signed study agreement and a hostel rent agreement;

13.2. a payment document certifying the payment of the study fee for the first study year, the deposit fee in the amount of 500, - euro, the payment of the hostel rent in the amount for two months that is payed to the account of LiepU;

13.3. the mentioned documents in the Cabinet Regulation No. 564 of 21 June 2010, Regulations Regarding Residence Permits, referred to in Clause 28.

14. After the receipt of the mentioned documents referred to in Clause 12, these documents for the receipt of an applicant request are submitted to the OCMA by the Foreign Affairs Department:

14.1. a written request of Liepaja University;

14.2. a copy of a mutually signed study agreement;

14.3. a personal copy of passport (all pages – if applicable);

14.4. a receipt of the State fee payment to the OCMA.

15. The invitation registration number for the drawing up of a request shall be issued after the receipt of the documents as stated above and the request shall be approved by the OCMA within three to five days.

16. After having approved the request a foreigner or an authorized representative of Liepaja University (if applicable) submits the documents for the request of a residence permit specified in the Cabinet Regulation No. 564 of 21 June 2010, Regulations Regarding Residence Permits, referred to in Clause 28 and 51.

17.  The OCMA sends the decision of the issuance or the annulment of a residence permit to:

17.1. an applicant;

17.2. Liepaja University.

18. If a decision of the OCMA on the receipt of a residence permit is:

18.1. positive, the Foreign Affairs Department informs an applicant that he/she can  turn to the Diplomatic Mission or to the Consular Department of Latvia to receive a visa for entering Latvia;

18.2. negative, Liepaja University refunds to an applicant the study fee payed for the first study year and the payment about the hostel rent within 10 days upon the receipt of a person’s application, (deducting the sum of the State fee, if Liepaja University had paid about the drawing up of the requests, the investigation of a residence permit, other costs or caused damages). Costs of the bank transactions are not refunded.

19. After the person has received a visa and has come to Liepaja University, an employee of the Foreign Affairs Department together with an applicant submits additional documents to Liepaja division of the OCMA for the receipt of a residence permit (the health insurance for the first 12 months and the statement on results of fluorographic (x-ray) and roentgenological inspection).


III. Procedures for matriculating foreigners

20. An applicant participates in the competition for the study places in accordance with the terms of enrolment, which are not financed from the funds of the State budget, and the Admission Commission takes a decision on matriculating/exmatriculating in the relevant study programme of Liepaja University.

21. A person is matriculated in the number of students by the order of the Rector.

22. If the enrolment and the initiation of studies in the terms of Clauses 4 and 5 are not possible due to the reasons beyond the control of a foreigner and LiepU, an individual study plan is drawn up for the foreigner.

23. The relevant faculty dean/study programme director meets with a foreigner after his/her matriculation; a foreigner receives the student’s identification card and the access to LAIS within the general procedures. The study process is supervised by the relevant faculty.

24. If a study applicant has not been immatriculated within one month from the start moment of the studies without plausible reasons and not giving any information to LiepU, as well as has not fulfilled liabilities relating to the Study agreement, the foreigner has no longer rights to recover contributions made to LiepU referred to in Clause 13.2.

25. If a student is immatriculated and wants to suspend studies of his own free will, the study fee is not refunded. Security fee can be refunded upon reviewing the student’s application in the Study Council. After a positive decision on the refund of the security fee, the refund is repayed to a student within 10 working days, deducting the state fees, if Liepaja University had paid about drawing up of the requests and investigation of a residence permit, as well as other costs or caused damages. Costs of the bank transactions are not refunded.

26. If the immatriculated foreigner is exmatriculated from the students’ list based on the cases mentioned in Clauses 2.2. in the Study agreement, the study fee payed about the current study year and security fee are not refunded.

27. If a student is willing to change the study program to the study program of another faculty, the study fee must be payed for the new study year in  full amount according to the confirmed amount of the appropriate study program.

28. If a student is willing to change the study program to a similar study program within the faculty, the payed study fee will be transferred to the changed study program.

29. If the immatriculated student wants to take the study break, the student’s residence permission will be annulated for the study break time.


* Registration fee applicant personally transfer to:

Liepaja University

Liela Street 14, Liepaja, Latvia

VAT Reg. No LV90000036859

Bank: Swedbank AS


Account No LV60HABA0551055056040


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