Incoming students



I think the whole Erasmus period was extremely gratifying in terms of independence level, personal growth, life expectations, and also it enabled me to experience other cultures, visit places I never seen and think more about life in general. Also, it is a one in a life-time experience. I encourage everyone to go for it!
1. One unforgettable experience.
2. Personal growth.
3. Independence improvement skills.
4. Lose yourself.
5. Cultural and experience exchange. 

Joao Eduardo da Silva Camejo, Erasmus+ exchange student from Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal) 



My Erasmus experience was positive and I recommend to all to do Erasmus. I could grow up personally. In that way I could learn how to be so far from home, family and friends and how to be more independent and unleashed.
1. One really god experience.
2. I grew up in many ways here.
3. I enjoyed the winter here!
4. I learned how to be more independent and unleashed.
5. Something that I will miss! 

Maria Sousa João Camejo,  Erasmus+ exchange student from Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal)

I decided to apply to Liepaja University because of it’s interesting courses which any other partner university didn’t offer. After my student exchange period, I’m still so happy with my decision. I enjoyed the atmosphere of this small city and fell in love with Liepaja’s beautiful beach. Also, my cheerful and nice exchange student friends made this experience even more funnier. I will definitely come back to Liepaja some day.

Sanna Koskinen, Erasmus+ exchange student from Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Kind people.
Helpful staff.
Dorms very close to the campus.
Considerate lecturers.
Reasonable living costs. 

Abraham Tamru Assefa, Erasmus+ exchange student from Sakarya University (Turkey)

Exchange studies at Liepaja University was a good opportunity to meet some new cultures and new people from other countries.

I think some friends that I made here are really special in my life now. From this experience I hoped to improve my English. And I want to come back to Europe someday again, for trip or for seeing friends again.

Heewon Choi, exchange student from Soongsil University (South Korea)

Liepaja is a first foreign experience in my life. It is also my last term as a student. I will always remember Liepaja with its Seaside, streets, Christmas and lovely people. 

Esra Deneri, Erasmus+ exchange student from Sakarya University (Turkey)


I came to Latvia, because it is not so popular country and I would not go there later, I wanted to learn things that I would not hear in my daily life. I took also Latvian language lessons. Before I did not know anything in Latvian except “mani sauc Elif”, but after this period I can communicate with people in A2 level.

I love Erasmus! I have got so many opportunities and I have improved myself. I made so many good friends and people make me feel family. This is really different experience that I am sorry for those who couldn`t or won`t be able to experience this. Erasmus changes lives and opens minds!

This is the place where I have collected very beautiful and unforgettable memories. This is the place where I have built so many eternal friendships. This is where I feel half Latvian, half Turkish. This is where I feel I am home.

Here I have learned a lot of things about people, life, world, cultures and languages, even about myself. These all have come true thanks to Erasmus. I appreciate everybody I have met and everything has happened here. Deciding to go to Erasmus is one of the best choices I have ever made. So the people who will come here, I am so jealous of you. Please treasure it.

Elif Çoktaş, Erasmus+ exchange student from Sakarya University (Turkey) 2015/2016 academic year



I'm satisfied with my Erasmus period. I met with a lot of good people. Education system here is excellent. I will be English Teacher and I learnt many things about teaching. I am thinking to improve my Latvian also after Erasmus period.

I experienced period (semester) which I couldn`t forget. It was incredible. Every student should try this experience!

Eda Filiz, Erasmus+ exchange student from Kocaeli University (Turkey) 2015/2016 academic year



Latvia might not be the country students would usually choose for Erasmus, but it is really worth spending some time here. Liepaja is a nice city with wonderful beach, so I did enjoy here a lot. I do not regret choosing Latvia. The university might not be perfect for my usual studies, but I had the chance to take different courses which also were interesting.

Svenja Marla Sokol, Erasmus+ exchange student from Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) 2015/2016 academic year



Erasmus period was really good. I think I improved my English and I found so many good friends. Education was very good and almost all lecturers were perfect.

Feruza Halmedova, Erasmus+ exchange student from Kocaeli University (Turkey) 2015/2016 academic year

Erasmus stay is the best way to improve your language skills and living abroad as well. It was very usefull for me, I improved Russian and English languages, I am so thankfull that I met other Erasmus students. People made my best memories of Liepaja and LiepU. 

Lenka Vargova, Matej Bel University, Slovakia (2014/2015 academic year)


Lecturers in LiepU have a lot of knowledge to offer, they are cultivated and most of them speak excellent English, so it was easy to communicate and understand lectures. Also I liked our free time together. I loved trips which were organized, also we learned Latvian folk dance and had great Bye Bye party. It was great!

Spyridoula Athanasia Georgiadi, Tei of Epirus, Greece (2014/2015 academic year)

It was an amazing experiance! Meeting new friends, getting to know new culture and seeing new places – it was a great advantage and I would never change it!

Vasiliqi Como (Tei of Epirus)


I chose LiepU because of the education quality. In  LiepU are good and helpful lecturers and University has good quality of education. It was unforgettable experiance overall and it was full of amazing memories beside having good international friends.

Beyza Durbak, Andolu University, Turkey (2013/2014 academic year)


It was so nice to have good relationship with all Erasmus and local students. All my lectures were held in English and teachers were very supportive. It was unforgettable experiance!

Mustafa Onur Dikel, Andolu University, Turkey (2013/2014 academic year)


I consider my study period as ideal. Profesors and teachers, local students were very friendly and helpful, they tried the best for us. We had many events and entertainments. Erasmus is the most unforgettable experiance in my life. I had really good relationships with others and it will continue also after Erasmus. I had learned different cultures and met different kind of people. Erasmus helped me to extend my knowledge and improve my personality. If You have the oportunity to go for Erasmus, don’t think twice. If you never try, you will never know! Go for it, enjoy it, feel it and live it!

Yagmur Yilmaz, Andolu University, Turkey (2013/2014 academic year)


I got really good support from host institution. And also local students were very friendly. My Study period in LiepU was just right. European cultural experiance, living in a different country and practicing foreign language were the factors which motivated me to come to Latvia, because I wanted go for studies somewhere far from Greece and Latvia seemed very interesting place for me.
The lecturers were excellent, they helped and did all the best for me.
I had very nice buddy, we met very often. She helped me every time I needed. She took me with her to Cesis, Sigulda, Tervete and we had weekend at her hometown Vecpiebalga. She gave me the big oportunity to see other part of Latvia and sightseeing.
I really liked the events which were organized for Erasmus students. My favorite were Latvian night, city tour, paintball and goodbye party.
Students, You need to see more different countries! I made some really good friends here!

Xanthippi Sioki, Technological Institute of Epirus, Greece (2013/2014 academic year)


It was last year of my sutdies, which I spent here, I would love to stay here more. All the time we had different events, which were oganized by local students. I have got here great friends. I will definitelly come here again. Liepaja is my second home.

Cihan Suru, Sakarya University, Turkey (2013/2014 academic year)


When I look back to my Erasmus experiance in Liepaja, I can say that it was perfect and good with full of good memories. If I would have opportunity to be an Erasmus student again, I would choose LiepU again, for this magnificent experiance.

Goktug Tunali, Sakarya University, Turkey (2013/2014 academic year)


Liepaja/Latvia is the best experience for me, I've been there 9 months and I will never forget that any moment there. So many perfect friend and amazing beach. These are first reason to choose LiepU, second reason is Agita/Egita, you can understand what I mean if you will come here, If you want to get information about nightlife or natural beauties you must live that life here.

YAKUP BERKAN DEDEOĞLU, Sakarya University, Turkey (2010/2011 academic year)


Liepaja University somehow seemed to be different, in a good way.  It was not in France, Italy or other common Erasmus destinations. When I read the list of the offered subjects, they all sounded very interesting and different from what we study at home. I saw it as an opportunity to enlarge my fields of knowledge.

JUGANARU OANA, University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2012/2013 academic year)


There were other options to go like Spain, Germany and Belgium. I thought that one day I can go to these countries, but Liepaja will be different experience for me, so I wanted to choose Liepaja. And one of my friends, who made her Erasmus here, recommended Liepaja.

KÜBRA YAŞ, Kocaeli University, Turkey (2012/2013 academic year)