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Vithange Sampath Madhuranga

Master's study program "Information Technology"  

Internship in IT company “ENCORE LAB” in Spain, 2021

My internship program is a mandatory part of master’s degree and professional qualification offered by the university. I found a great internship opportunity as a Full Stack Engineer in a IOT company located in Logrono, Spain, which is known as “ENCORE LAB S.L”.  Earlier I had only frontend engineering experience and all the time I looked for an opportunity to be a Full-stack engineer. With this Erasmus internship opportunity, I became a Full-stack engineer and It will be a turning point of my professional career and my life as well. The ENCORE LAB company is specialized in the IOT industry, and they have their own products and out of them the main product is “Cesens”. It is made for agriculture purposes, which measures most of the factors needed for crops in the farms and shows some analytics and predictions in the application. They are mainly focused on the grape’s farms in the region, because the city Logrono is popular for wine in Spain and the city also known as “Wine City”. Around thirty employees work for the company, and they are from different parts of Spain and the world such as Tunisia, Turkey and India. They are well skilled and very smart at their professions. I am very happy to meet those people and collaborate with them because every moment I worked with them I grabbed something valuable into my life. I learnt a little bit of the Spanish language as well.

During my internship period, one of the main clients of the company invited all the company employees to visit their winery and explained every process of the wine production. It was a great and once in a lifetime experience in my life. In the summertime I visited some popular places in the city. In that area, a lot of shops, bars, restaurants, cafes are located on both sides of the pedestrian. Most of these shops include their traditional meals and foods such as “Patatas bravas”, “Champinones Al Ajillo”. My favorite outdoor place is called “Laurel” which is very popular for summer midnight celebrations among the locals.

I am very happy to say I enjoyed every minute of my life in the last six months and gained a lot of experience and knowledge in software engineering. It is one of the happiest periods of my entire life. I am very grateful to the Liepaja university and Internal relations office for giving me this opportunity and every support provided during my internship.



Brian Scott

Bachelor's study programme "Computer Science"

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland - Spring 2019

Erasmus was the best experience I had in my whole student life. I’m really glad that i was lucky to get this opportunity. In February 2019 I took my first ever Erasmus study scholarship to Warsaw, Poland. I was so excited about studying in one of the top universities in Europe
and living there for a couple of months. Also the Erasmus buddy program helped me - my buddy explained to me all the doubts I had about this transfer. 
Once I got to the university, I realised there are lots of students like me from almost all the countries in Europe. They all were with me to experience the same in Poland. I made new friends, learned about their culture and language, took part in many activities, travelled with
them to many iconic places and a couple of other cities in Poland and studied.
Getting such an opportunity is amazing and could be once in a lifetime experience. The exposure I got in my Erasmus semester will sure be with me to help in my future career and life. Now I'm looking forward to my second erasmus opportunity.

Daniel Chetrari

Bachelor's study programme "Information Technology"

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK), Finland - Autumn, 2019

“Exchange studies are like living another life within your life”.
I read this phrase before my semester abroad and it convinced me to free myself from any expectations. I decided to make the best of it and enjoy it all the way through.
My Erasmus experience happened in Mikkeli, a quiet city in the heart of Finland. I was hosted by the South-Eastern Finnish University of Applied Sciences, where I studied the nuances of Network Engineering and other IT related subjects. In the time I have spent there I have discovered a new area of interest for myself - Cybersecurity. My favorite part was the abundance of practical classes, because it promoted learning practical skills, teamwork and work environment simulation. The university offered high quality labs and teachers that we could always rely on.
One of the things I liked the most were the Finnish people. Friendly, open, assertive and social are the top attributes I found in my Finnish friends. I also met a lot of exchange students, some of which became my close friends. From all over the world, we have shared our stories and customs by gathering and cooking traditional foods every few weeks.Together with two other friends I had opened a sports club at the university. We had lots of fun sharing our passion with other students and helping them improve. The worst part of the exchange was saying goodbye to everyone that made my experience pleasant.
The shiniest memory I brought back happened during Autumn vacation, when some of my exchange student friends and I decided to go on a trip across Finland. We spent six days in different towns and villages. We visited Santa Claus, played with reindeer and huskies, swam in a frozen lake right after enjoying a wood-heated sauna in the middle of nowhere. We climbed a snow covered mountain and learned about life at the north pole.
My experience was not without challenges, but I knew it was not the end of the world and whatever trouble came my way I could get through, because I knew I had good friends to rely on. During this exchange, I have learned a lot about myself by living alone, being independent, solving problems and making mistakes. I am forever grateful for this experience and want to encourage everyone to do it themselves.
When I returned home and entered through the door, this entire ‘life’ flashed in front of my eyes, and for a long moment it seemed as if I had never left, as if I had just woken up from a dream. Everything was the same, and I realized that the only thing that had changed was me.
In the end, all that remains is the memories, knowledge, friendships and, of course, gigabytes of photos.

Lankahaluge Menaka Madusanka Fernando

Master's study programme ''Information Technology''

Internship in HOMYHUB, Spain - Spring 2019

I was chosen to be employed as the Full-stack Developer and Project Manager by HOMYHUB LTD after completing the rigorous interview process with the senior technical advisor and CEO. HOMYHUB headquarters is located in Madrid, Spain. This is where I did my duties as an intern until the end for the duration of  ERASMUS+ internship placement.
In Madrid  I got the opportunity to meet up with the entire HOMYHUB team, which consist of several departments. The team was very small but compact with very talented and sophisticated members, most of them are very seasoned individuals in their own respective fields. Most importantly the entire team was well versed in English language which is the most important aspect due to my knowledge in the local tongue is unreliable. The Team  can be broken down into several departments as follows: Sales, Technical, Accounting and Marketing.
As you can imagine most of my responsibilities are with the “Technical” department but as in the lacklustre nature of startups, sometimes we had to dabble in other fields and share our thoughts and brainstorm together.
The following months into the internship I had to perform at a level where it was demanding a lot. It was a lot of work to say planning to development to testing. I was able to change my self and there were many occasions I had to think out of the box. Most of the time I had creative freedom, I still had to communicate heavily with the back-end developers and the mobile and UI personals. I was developing on top of carefully planned structure and modals yet there were occasions of disagreements, but with good communication and the understanding of each other, I was able to complete all of the planned tasks successfully.
The time I spend on working with HOMYHUB, I gained lots of experience. The Team was multicultural consisting of different ethnicities with different origins. It was a wholesome experience and working with a multicultural environment makes you grow as a person and gain different perspectives to the world. Coming from my personal experience just having one perspective of the world would be detrimental. Through understanding and working with other cultures is and crucial element of personal development.