Why Liepaja University?

Student Testimonials

Brian Scott, Bachelor of Computer Sciences student /Sri Lanka:

Once I completed my professional diploma I was looking to follow my future studies in northern European countryside. After considering many countries and courses, Liepaja University (LiepU) was the best pick for me. Liepaja is a calm and a beautiful city blessed with many natural resources. Long white sandy coastline, beautiful lakes and rivers flow through the city making it an elegant environment, where to have a peaceful student life. Along with study sessions I get opportunities to enjoy its music, dances and other culture programmes.
I found that life in Liepaja is much simple and affordable compared to other major cities in Latvia and Baltic region. Also the staff of LiepU has been very friendly and supportive from the day I started my application process, which helped me to reach my educational plans quicker and to hassle free.
Since LiepU is a state university students here get all facilities and recognition of European education system, which is accreditated in EU and my home country Sri Lanka as well.

Amina Heydarova, European Language and Culture studies student / Azerbaijan:

I don’t know how the studies are going to other sections, but I am suggesting this programme! The way how we study is different from my country, it is a lot more pleasant! And it works better then simple studies when you have to learn everything by heart, without any pleasure. For example when I am doing my homework, I do not have a thought in my brains – I have to do this and if I will not do it I will have this or that. I am doing it because I like it! Because I like teachers, I gain satisfaction, I gain pleasure. And that is the biggest reason! Literally I have a very good opinion on overall programme!

Preety Bawa, Master of Information Technology student /India:

I am very happy to be here, because there are many students from different countries, we are living here as a one family! So it is a good experience for me. Our professors are very helpful to us and they give us good information about our studies and they give us a very practical knowledge.  I’m very impressed to see that it is a very beautiful country and even the living expenses are very low here as comparing to other countries. And here the education quality is very good.

Dilan Indika Senavirathna, Bachelor level study programme Information Technology student / Sri Lanka:

In Liepaja, I like the most – the city how it is it is located, its facilities. We can find all facilities here. I like that around Liepaja everything is green! I like the beach! It could be the world’s best beach if it was located in a hot area! If that beach area was in Sri Lanka – it would be very famous! 
Liepaja University is a good option for international students! It is a little bit far from Riga but if you are keen to study well, it is a best place because we have all facilities, a good and cheap dormitory. And it is a bit cold, but we have to get used to it. And when you are used to it, it is nothing! I advise to students to have a good knowledge before you go to study abroad, to have good IELTS certificate, minimum 5.5. You must have C or B pass, you have to be able to speak English and understand reading and writing.

Semen Fedun, Bachelor level study programme Information Technology student /Russia:

I have only positive impressions about Liepaja! Liepaja is a small town and it is a resort! It is warmer than in Saint Peterborough. People are so polite here! It is not too expensive. My favorite place is Seaside park and I often go to concerts to concert hall "Great Amber". I understood that I want to study in Latvia even 3 years ago, when I was just 16 years old. We decided with my family in the last school year, that my mom will come to Latvia, Liepaja and Riga and after that we will decide where to go for the studies. The positive character point in my professors is that I feel they will always stay young in their souls not in just their age! 

My classmates are very friendly, we are friendly collective! Because it is very hard to find a collective which is very friendly to you! The most I like about Liepaja University - the traditions of our teachers, how they read the lectures for us! They have a lot of energy and lot of drive! It makes me work harder!

Bakhtiyor Karshiev and Ijodhon Amankhodjaev, Bachelor of Information Technology study programme students (Uzbekistan):

We decided to come for studies to Latvia as we wanted to receive education in English. We knew the country from the Soviet Union and we like the Baltic Sea. We chose Liepaja as we found that here all courses will be in English.  About other universities we were not sure that course will be thought in English. Tuition fees are also less expensive as in other countries. In Liepaja most of all we like the sea, the city is quiet and the place is very nice. Education differs from Uzbekistan, in Latvia we have 3, 4 lectures every day, but the education system is the same. We like that here in Liepaja students receive very individual attention. Latvian students know English good, they are friendly, and we also practice to speak Latvian. We get many new friends, also from Erasmus students. With them we play football, we like to go to seaside for rest.

It is interesting to come for studies to Liepaja, we get international friends, get to know different country, another culture


Chenxi Fu, Bachelor level study programme Information Technology student /China:

We don’t have a lot of students in our class and then you have to work hard because your professors are always asking! Also, I can communicate with my professor very easily. It’s so different! In my country, in the colleges or universities, in general, there are 40-50 students, or even about 100 students in one class. The biggest difference is that we have textbooks at universities of China. Our professors will use the textbooks to teaching students in classes. Also, we don’t have so many communications with our professors.  They will rarely communicate with us after school.