International Social Entrepreneurship Competition


April 22, 8:26 AM
until April 23, 8:26 PM


Klaipeda (Map)


“Klaipeda - European Youth Capital 2021” invites young people to share their social business ideas
While rising unemployment and social exclusion are becoming more and more significant problems today, young people from Lithuania and around the world are inviting to share the most innovative solutions for developing social business and reducing social exclusion.

The online event “International Social Entrepreneurship Competition”, which will take place on April 22-23, invites all young full of ideas people to register their team and take the opportunity to develop their business idea into a real product.

The leadership platform of the project “Klaipeda - European Youth Capital 2021”, implemented by the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, together with the international social innovation and business development program “ChangeMakersON” invites young people to share their social business ideas and take the opportunity to develop them with the help of project mentors.

During the international event, participants registered individually or in teams of 4 people will have the opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops, get acquainted with social business trends, hear the best social business practice reports from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia.

“From my many years of experience in organizing events of this kind, I feel that today we should be most open to young people, because firstly they think of creative, innovative ideas with social missions, and only then about business and money. Today, young people are primarily thinking about how to create a happier life for themselves and others, how to help the weaker. That is why we want to contribute all our experience and knowledge to this event, so that we can help them feel assured testing their ideas and developing them,” said Simona Šimulytė, the organizer of the event and the founder of “ChangeMakersON”.

Samanta Štraupaitė, the coordinator of the leadership platform, states that this event strengthens regional, national and international cooperation, promotes solidarity and helps to create opportunities for the creation and growth of sustainable social businesses. “We hope that at the end of the competition, real, new social business ideas will be born, which young people, together with the help of mentors, will be able to further develop” - S. Štraupaitė added.

During the event the participants will also take part in incentive competitions, receive fun #ChooseKlaipeda prizes, enjoy performances of famous performers from Lithuania and a cultural program. The number of participants is unlimited. Teams can participate with their own idea or choose from a list offered by the organizers, which will be published a week before the event. Currently, participants from Brazil, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkey, Estonia, and Lithuania have already registered and are waiting for the event.