29 May 2019

Our Professors give lectures in Coimbra University

From three days Erasmus+ visit in Coimbra University in Portugal have returned back Faculty of Humanities and Arts Professor Inta Klāsone and Lecturer Solvita Spirģe - Sēne and Faculty of Pedagogy and Social Work Lecturer Svetlana Lanka.

Coimbra University is one of the oldest universities in the World, which has a special aura. Liepaja University academic staff visited the Faculty of Psychology and Education where they gave lectures to all three level students.

Professor Inta Klāsone explains: "We were sharing with students our experience in a work with different projects, by uniting theory and practice. We told how we are doing the research and also we got to know how it is in Portugal. There were good discussions during the classes." But Svetlana Lanka who was giving classes on inclusive education to students adds that we do have many things in common with Coimbra University - their professors have been giving lectures to Liepaja University Phd students.

Cooperation with Coimbra University in Portugal Liepaja University has already for years and during the evaluation meeting of LiepU staff at Coimbra University, future cooperation directions were agreed, including the visit of academic staff from Portugal.