5 June 2023

Liepaja University new rector has been elected - Professor Dace Medne

Monday, 5th June, in Liepaja University Constitutional meeting's agenda was the question about electing the new LiepU rector. Liepaja University new rector has been elected - Professor Dace Medne.

Six candidates have submitted their applications. After evaluation, to the second round three candidates were sent, but after the presentation of the development of the university, two candidates were sent to LiepU Constitutional meeting's voting: Ph.D. (Dr.phil.) Kārlis Krēsliņš and Ph.D. (Dr.paed.) Dace Medne.

In order to elect the new rector, at least 26 from 51 Constitutional meeting's members should vote for the candidate. In the Constitutional meeting 46 voting papers were issued, 45 were valid; 33 voted "for" and 12 "against". In the second voting round Liepaja University new Rector Dace Medne was elected.

Ph.D. (Dr.paed.) Dace Medne has an experience in professor's and researcher's positions in Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, has been working as a senior expert in ESF project, the head of VSAC "Rīga", branch "Jugla", as psychologist at “AVA Klīnikā” and others. After beeing elected, new Liepaja University Rector Dace Medne said: "I am thankful to those who voted for me. I understand that the bar has been placed at a very high level at the moment, the second vote shows that it will be very serious work and that trust should be earned. I am convinced that together we will be able to promote Liepaja University as a competitive higher education insitution where to study and to work, that our name will sound not only in hearts, in Liepaja or in Latvia, but I hope across to the sea”.

Professor dace Medne will start her duties from 5th July 2023.