23 March 2021

New study programme “Environmental Innovation Technologies” is licensed

At the end of February, Liepaja University has received a licence for the implementation of a new professional bachelor's study programme “Environmental Innovation Technologies”. The programme will be implemented in both Latvian and English, and the student admission is planned in the new study year.

The new programme will offer possibilities to practically use knowledge in environmental engineering, which will be obtained from theoretical courses and specialization courses with an emphasis on computer graphics based designing, prototyping and the development and application of different sensor systems, both for pollution measurements and assessment of energy efficiency and other purposes. Aspects of the second use of recycled materials will play an important role in studies. In addition, several internships in which students participate will provide a real experience in their next profession. As a bonus to be assessed by the future employers are the general education courses in areas such as business and project management, applied communication and others to make it easier for the young professional to enter the business environment.

More about this study program HERE

With the licensing of this programme, the work has been started on the reaccreditation of “Environmental Protection”.

The licensing process for the doctoral programme “New Media Art” and the professional bachelor's study programme “Smart Technologies” will also continue.


The programme has been developed within the project “Reducing the fragmentation of study programmes and strengthening the resource sharing in LiepU”, SAM