4 February 2021

Recent graduates are satisfied with their studies at Liepaja University

On 27 January 2021 five Faculty of Science and Engineering students received their graduation diplomas: 2 master level study program’s “Information Technology”, 2 bachelor level study program’s “Information Technology” and 1 bachelor level “Computer Science” student. Due to the Covid-19 caused restrictions, graduates received their diplomas without special ceremony, but still at LiepU.

We asked to our graduates to share their experiences about their studies and life at Liepaja. We are happy to learn that overall experiences are very nice and memorable, and they all have made a good decision to choose Liepaja University. And what else is important, all three bachelor level students want to continue their studies in the next level – already as a master student.

  • Aries Penetrante, a graduate of the study program master's “Information Technology” (Philippines)

“My studies at the Liepaja University are a journey that I am glad to have taken. It is a journey full of expectations and natural wonder. Just like any journey it comes with its own challenges, but those challenges are the ones that made it worth taking. The professors, faculty members and staff are most supportive of my studies and guide me on the proper path of learning.  They are there all the way and adapt with us in the challenges that we faced. They assisted me in availing ERASMUS program scholarship that help me fund my internship in Spain.

My Internship in Spain is another memory worth remembering. I enjoyed my stay in Valencia, Spain.  It gives a glimpse of the current working condition that I should be expecting in the job industry and prepare me for the tasks therein. My internship experience also provided me with the idea for my thesis and it made the implementation easier.

After overcoming the challenges and tests, I managed to finish my studies. I am sure my experience in Liepaja University would be helpful in my future endeavours and I wish them luck in theirs!"

  • Nabeel Munir, a graduate of the study program bachelor's “Information Technology” (Pakistan)

"Choosing Liepaja University and Liepaja city in general was a best decision I made and the reasons are following: when I first came here, I was not sure if this is the place where I can work on my goals and achieve them. But, after coming to LiepU and studying here, I started to realize that I will have a lot of great opportunities here. LiepU offers a great number of opportunities to students to work on their skills, for example, there are programming competitions held in LiepU where students can showcase their skills and win prizes and get in touch with professional companies. Another great opportunity that Liepaja university offers is Erasmus scholarships. It is more like a mind opening and life changing opportunity. You can have a study semester or internship in a different university or a company in Europe, study in a new environment, learn about a different culture and learn from different people. LiepU provides a great study environment in a peaceful city of Liepaja. You can go anywhere, on the beach, in the park with your book or laptop, enjoy the nature and study with it. Teachers at LiepU are really motivating and helping the students to grow more and to learn more. They are always there to help. Even after the university hours, if you email or text them, they will answer your doubts. All you must do is to reach out to them and they are ready to help you out to get out of a situation that you think is not possible. Teachers are like: "Hey, don't you dare to give up!

I love and recommend Liepaja city for the following reasons: It is a beautiful and small city. What's interesting about this city is that, despite being a small city, it has a lot of leisure activities to offer. The city is peaceful and full of nature. I never felt insecure in Liepaja. You can have a walk at night, and no one will hurt you. Walk without any fear.

I loved my studies and my stay in Liepaja University and Liepaja respectively and would 100% recommend anyone who wishes to be here for studies or for travelling in general!"

  • Tayyab Raza Kahlon, a graduate of the study program bachelor's “Information Technology” (Pakistan)

"Learning and getting my degree from Liepaja University is something I consider as a big opportunity for me. The faculty staff at Liepaja University is really helpful. They are giving their all while teaching their students. The knowledge I got from my teachers was exceptional. Apart from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, at the International relations department are amazing people. They treat you as their own. If you get confused, they are always there to guide you to the right path. My four years in Liepaja University were full of memories, fun, sometimes worries of home works and assignments and of course, full of joy and excitement of new things and challenges.

About my thesis topic, I developed the chatbot for admission queries. My research was about chatbots and how they work. I did it with my supervisor Dzintars Tomsons who is also the director of IT study program in LiepU. He was helpful throughout my thesis and research. With his help I finished my research and defended my thesis.

Thank you, LiepU International relations department and Faculty of Science and Engineering for such a great and memorable journey!"

  • Muhammad Dilshad,  a graduate of the study program master's “Information Technology” (Pakistan)

"I just have completed my post graduate degree from Liepaja University. I'm happy to have it. 1st of all I would like to say thank you to all faculty members for cooperation with us during our studies. Specially thanks to International relations department, they really cooperate when we need assistance. I would like to recommend to Asian students to come for studies at Liepaja University because of the climate at Liepaja, Latvia has a beautiful nature. I love Liepaja and I will really miss it! What we learn with pleasure we never forget..."

If you want to learn more about their experiences, we are inviting you to join Facebook LIVE webinar "Meet LiepU Graduates: Q&A" - 11 February, 12:00 UTC time!