23 March 2020

Intensive English courses for LiepU professors working in strategic specializations are finished

In the frame of the European Social Fund project No. “The perfection of academic staff of Liepaja University in the areas of strategic specialization – speech therapy, preschool education and primary education”, professors working in the specialization fields from September 2019 to March 2020 were intensively learning English. Studies were held in two CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) levels, in two groups. Currently courses for both groups are finished and all professors have successfully obtained the level of English according to the project.

English lessons, according to the results of the procurement announced by the Liepaja University, were provided by the English teachers of “PURE Academy” Ltd. Inga Sprice, Director of “PURE Academy”, admits: “I'm glad that the English  knowledge levels set out in the project were achieved! The lessons were organized intensively, according to the plan. Cooperation with Liepaja University is very good".

English teacher Baiba Kačanova adds: “The English curriculum was adapted to the teachers' audience, as topics such as international relations, intercultural communication, of course, education, in order to strengthen teaching staff in an appropriate and real life vocabulary for academic and scientific research. The levels of English knowledge identified in the project were achieved, as demonstrated by the completed knowledge test. In the last lesson, LiepU professors regret that the lessons are already over!"

Since January 2019, when the first training group was launched in the “Development of Professional English” project activity, the level of English knowledge has been perfected to 16 Liepaja University professors whose academic work is related to the fields of specialisation – speech therapy, preschool education and primary education.