2 March 2018

International students visiting LSEZ companies

In 27th February 2018 with the support of Liepaja Special Economic Zone (SEZ) LiepU IT bachelors of 2nd and 3rd year, IT Master level students and 2 Erasmus+ exchange students from Germany who are studying business, public relations at Liepaja University as well as our Fulbright Professor Kathleen Lafferthy from the USA visited Liepaja Museum SEZ exhibition where representatives of SEZ representatives gave a short introducation about SEZ companies. 

As a first stop we visited Liepaja Museum SEZ exhibition where representatives of SEZ gave a short introducation about SEZ companies. Then we all went to Liepaja Port area where international students and staff got general overview about Special economic zone companies in the port territory. 

Next stop was at Jensen Metal - where we had a chance to look inside the producing process. Jensen Metal supplies quality components, machines and entire systems in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Jensen Metal has existed since 1979 and has over 21,000 square metres of production facilities at its disposal, both in Denmark and in Latvia. They focus on generating continuous improvement through involvement of all employees and their skills, thus customers perceive us as a trustworthy, value-adding and competent partner. Jensen Metal particularly have focus on improvements in the development of cost-effective solutions, value-adding services and thereby enabling our customers to increase their competitive edge, thus ensuring profitability for both our customers and our shareholders.

The last stop was at the renovated Liepāja International Airport. After restoration of national independence Liepaja Airport has served primarily general aviation flights and air operations. With the exception of 2006-2008 when during the summer season and partly during the winter season scheduled passenger air transport test flights were carried out on the route Liepaja - Riga - Liepaja. Now you can also flight to Rīga three times a week . And come from Rīga to Liepāja also three times a week.  The national airline airBaltic from June, 2006 to September, 2008 held 130 flights (1 232 passengers) in 2006, 454 flights (10 378 passengers) in 2007 and 1 393 flights (24 531 passengers) in 2008 on the route Liepaja - Riga – Liepaja.

It was good to see that the economy of Liepāja city is rapidly growing and we are sure it was just the beginning of wider cooperation between the university international students and Liepaja Special Economic Zone.


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