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International Conferences

Scientific institutes and faculties of Liepaja University organise scientific conferences at international and national level in all University study and research fields. Concurrently with the traditional conferences in the branches of humanities and pedagogy also conferences in social work, psychology, new media art etc have been organised during the recent years.   


Cherishing the recently established traditions, lately a Week of Science and Creativity is organised every spring during which also “Students’ Scientific Conference” takes place.

Liepaja University International Conferences 2019



13th Scientific-Practical Conference: Social Work Actualities

Responsible insitution: Lecturer Svetlana Lanka; Institute of Educational Sciences


14 - 15 MARCH

25th International Scientific Conference: Current Issues in Literary Research

Responsible insitution: ; Prof. Edgars Lāms; Kurzeme Institute of Humanities and Faculty of Humanities and Arts

18 - 29 MARCH

Science and Creativity Days in Liepaja University

Responsible insitution: Vice Rector of Research Dr.philol. I.Ozola; Faculties and institutes; Student Council

25 - 26 APRIL

11th Scientific Conference: Education Quality Dimensions in the Knowledge Society

Responsible insitution: Prof. Dina Bethere; Institute of Educational Sciences


9 - 10 MAY

22nd International Conference: Society and Culture

Responsible insitution: Doc. Arturs Medveckis; Institute of Educational Sciences

17 MAY

International Scientific Conference: Language Acquisition

Responsible insitution: Lect. Gundega Tomele; Faculty of Pedagogy and Social Work; Faculty of Humanities and Art 

6 - 8 JULY

Scientific Conference: Innovation and Creativity

Responsible insitution: Doc. Dace Kūma, Faculty of Science and Engineering; Environmnet Reasearch Center ;

17 - 23 JULY

International Simposium of Art:The Spesific and Abstract in the Composition

Responsible insitution: Prof. Inta Klāsone; Faculty of Humanities and Arts

11 - 16 NOVEMBER

International New Media Art Week: IWEEK

Responsible insitution: Art Research Laboratory; Faculty of Humanities and Arts

28 - 29 NOVEMBER

24th International scientific conference: The Word: Aspects of Research

Responsible insitution: Prof. Linda Lauzde; Faculty of Humanities and Arts 

Approved in the Scientific Council meeting (05.11.2018). Prepared by Vice Rector of Research Dr.philol. I.Ozola