Exchange programme

Erasmus intensive language course

Do you plan to spend exchange period in Latvia?

If yes, you are most welcome to participate in Erasmus Intensive Language Course* organized by Liepaja University. To learn the basics of Latvian language, make the acquaintance of Latvian culture, spend some time on our sandy beaches and just have fun during the two weeks when all the Liepaja is celebrating summer.

The dates of EILC: 19th August-1st September, 2013.

Information: Briefly about EILC at Liepaja University




Application submitted as .pdf and sent to email

Application deadline: 1st June, 2013.


*Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) are specialized language courses for less used languages which give the possibility to better prepare for the mobility period of Lifelong Learning Programme and to acquire the language used during the foreign studies, placement or assistantship.