Research institutions


LiepU has been registered as a scientific institution of the Republic of Latvia. There function four research institutes in the University as well as centres and laboratories. The research activities are coordinated by the LiepU Scientific Council and Dr.philol. Ieva Ozola, Vice- Rector responsible for research.


Institute of Educational Sciences (IES)
 Director Anita Līdaka, Dr. paed.

LiepU Institute of Educational Sciences started functioning on 1 September 2007. The IES common research theme is “Education Quality Dimensions in the Knowledge Society (2007 – 2012)”, which in compliance with different trends in education are dealt with by six research centres:
  • Civic Education Centre
  • Alternative Education Centre
  • Art Education Centre
  • Personality Development Research Centre
  • Environmental and Health Education Centre
  • Social Work Research  and Study Centre


Kurzeme Institute of Humanities (KIH) 

Director Edgars Lāms, Dr. philol.

LiepU Kurzeme Institute of Humanities started its activity on 1 September 2007.  KIH has the following research fields:

  • Latvian Folklore Studies
  • History of Latvian Literature
  • History and Theory of the Theatre and Cinema
  • History and Theory of Music
  • Latvian Diachronic and Synchronic Linguistics

In KIH there functions Folklore and Language Centre.


Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Information Technologies (IMSIT) 

Director Jānis Rimšāns, Dr.math.

LiepU Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Information Technologies started functioning on 1 November 2006. Its specialisation is high performance computing methods and production of mathematical models on mathematics, physics, environment and economic-physics themes.
Institute of Management Sciences (IMS)
Director Daina Celma - Zīda, Dr.oec.

LiepU Institute of Management Sciences started its work on 1 September 2008.  The IMS aim is to develop management science in compliance with the present-day European and world research experience, accentuating introduction of innovations in different branches of national economy, with a special focus on the intellectual capital impact on the development of Kurzeme planning region.

Art Research Laboratory (MPLab)
Head Santa Mazika,

Art Research Laboratory was established on 1 November 2006 as a structural research unit of LiepU Faculty of Humanities. Its aim is to carry out scientific research in the field of new media, art, culture and education and to develop dynamic, innovative and friendly research environment. Through cooperation with the New Media Culture Centre “RIXC” Art Research Laboratory actively participates in formation and development of new media art in Liepāja.
Sociological Research Centre (SPC)
Head Arturs Medveckis,

LiepU Sociological Research Centre was founded in the year 2003 and its work is supervised by the Department of Social Sciences. The Centre carries out sociological research in the interest of the state of Latvia, Kurzeme region and LiepU, doing research mainly for local governments and carrying out other orders.