Special Facilities

 To provide good quality of the study process most of the departments of the LiepU have equipped special rooms or centers, giving students opportunities for getting additional information on the theme of their special interest.

The Department of the Germanic and Romance Languages is in charge of purpose – equipped rooms with literature in English, German and French.
Students doing art and handicraft programmes can make use of purpose-equipped rooms - a drawing, modeling, cooking, painting, sewing, weaving, ceramics and Lego rooms -, the works created during the study period can be seen in the exhibition hall at 13 Kūrmājas prospekts.
Several informative-educational centers are open at the LiepU. 


DACH Centre
  It popularizes the German language in its cultural and social diversity. It was founded with the support of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (Gebert Rüf Foundation “Swiss Baltic Net”) and was opened in 2001. The Centre is a reading room and a meeting place for students and other interested persons; teachers of German from region are especially welcome here.


Robert Schumann Centre of French Culture
  It has been functioning in the LiepU since the year 2000, available for the students and people from the community are materials about France, different dictionaries, fiction. For those interested there is open a Club of French Films.