The library of the LiepU is housed in the central building of the University at Lielā iela 14, e-mail: The library was founded in 1954; its stocks contain 100 000 different items: 80 000 books, about 10 000 periodicals, collections of laws, dissertations, audio-visual and other materials.

The library attends to the needs of the students of the University, its teaching staff and other personnel. The readers can use the lending library, the reading room and the electronic resources reading rooms with free access, newspapers are kept there for three years, magazines for 5 years, but the periodicals meeting the profile of the University -for years.

To borrow books, one needs a ISIC card valid for a year. Since 1992 system “Alise” (Advanced Library Information Service) has been functioning in the library.  The readers have an opportunity of using the electronic catalogue, which includes both the alphabetic and systematic catalogue.

A joint catalogue of the LiepU library can be found on the Internet: The Internet provides access to on-line catalogues of the biggest libraries of the world and databases accessible to the public in different fields of science.

A bibliographer-consultant will help you in your search for the necessary information. If the necessary printed matter is not held in the library the reader can get any item from other libraries of Latvia, as well as from foreign libraries through inter-library loans system (SSBA).

The library is equipped with free access computers, with the help of which students can obtain information not only about the library funds and services, but also use them for writing qualification papers. Everybody in need can make use of the paid services in the library - binding the printed matter, copying  etc.

At the beginning of each month the library organizes exhibitions of newly received items.

Erasmus students get free access to the Internet and to the library as soon as they are registered as students at the University.