Liepaja University

Study programmes

Liepāja University is the biggest higher education establishment in Kurzeme, it implements study programmes in six fields of studies out of the eight areas defined in Latvia.

Basic study profiles:

  • Humanitarian Science and Art
  • Natural Sciences, Mathematics and IT
  • Services
  • Social Sciences and Entrepreneurship 
  • Social Welfare
  • Teacher Education and Pedagogy


Study work at LiepU is organised by: 

  • Faculty of Humanities and Art
  • Faculty of Pedagogy and Social work
  • Faculty of Natural and Social Sciences

Faculty of Humanities was established in the year 2000, by restructuring the existing Academy faculties. The beginnings of the Faculty should be sought in the Faculty of the Latvian Language and Literature, established in the LiepU foundation year.

Faculty of Educational Sciences was started in the year 2000 on the basis of the Preschool and Basic Education Faculty.

Faculty of Natural and Social Sciences is the newest from among LiepU faculties; it was established on the basis of the Department of Natural and Social Sciences in 2003 (it started its work as an independent structural unit in September 1999).


Basic studies  

  • Baltic philology and culture
  • Business and organization
  • Communication management
  • Computer science
  • Culture management
  • Design
  • European language and culture studies
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Mechatronics
  • Nature and renewable energy resources management and engineering
  • New media art
  • Photo art
  • Physics
  • Social work
  • Speech therapy
  • Teacher
  • Tourism management and recreation

Higher level studies

Master studies

  • Art
  • Career consultant
  • General education teacher
  • Information technologies 
  • Latvian philology 
  • Literary work and communication
  • Management sciences
  • Master of educational sciences in pedagogy 
  • New media art 
  • Social work

Doctoral programmes

  • E-studies technologies and management
  • Linguistics
  • New Media Art
  • Pedagogy