Liepaja University takes part in a multilateral project

„Transitions and multilingualism – TRAM” (2009 – 2010) is a multilateral project within the frame of the Lifelong Learning Programme – COMENIUS. The coordinating institution of the project is Elternverein Baden - Württenberg. The participating countries are Latvia, the Netherlands, Romania, Germany and Sweden. The main focus of the project is to enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training by:


  • supporting improvements in pedagogical approaches,
  • promoting language learning and linguistic diversity,
  • supporting intercultural learning of teachers and children,
  • improving educational opportunities of migrant pupils through teacher training,
  • including children, parents and grandparents with multilingual background in educational processes,
  • fostering linguistic and personal competences in children,
  • promoting bias sensitive pedagogy of teachers towards all children (L 1 and L 2)
  • fostering teachers` attitude to perceive multilingualism as resource,
  • fostering respectful dialogue in classroom.

The contact persons of the TRAM project at the Liepaja University are Dina Bethere, Mg. paed. and Linda Mackevica, Dr.paed., and the partner of collaboration – the institution of preschool education in Liepaja “Rukitis” (head – G. Kadike, Mg. paed.). It is foreseen that participants of the project will visit Liepaja University in October, 2010.