21 May 2019

Guests from Lorraine University are visiting LiepU

Today Liepaja University hosted two guests on Erasmus+ staff training visit from a LiepU partneruniversity Lorraine University, France - Director of University Institute of Technology Saint-Dié-des-Vosges Olivier Caspary and International Relations Coordinator Patrick Adelbrecht.
The guests had meetings with Liepaja University staff - the Head of Media Art Research Laboratory Anna Priedola, dean of Faculty of Engineering and Sciences Anita Jansone, French professor Olegs Belajevs and Foreign Affairs Office and had fruitful discussions on Erasmus+ student and staff exchange between both universities.
Currently LiepU has one student from this university and next academic year will have two more students from Cultural studies and Cognitive Science programs.

Apply for Erasmus+ studies or internship in Information Technology, Computer Sciences, New Media Art or Languages and spend your Erasmus+ mobility in Lorraine University!

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