13 November 2021

Study process from November 15 at Liepaja University

Considering the epidemiological safety measures and requirements in the country, from November 15, 2021, only students and employees with a valid Digital COVID-19 Certificate proving that a person has either been vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovered, will be able to participate in the study process.

LiepU safety protocol during Covid-19 pandemic. Document can be found: HERE

                                                           I. General provisions  

  1. Liepaja University (hereinafter – LiepU) wants to provide its students and employees with a safe working and training environment during the Covid-19 pandemic. This protocol sets out a set of measures and actions to limit the spread of Covid-19.
  2. LiepU Safety Protocol supplements or clarifies the establishment of the national requirements for limiting Covid-19 infection in LiepU. In cases where the requirements laid down in the Protocol, for some reason, provide less security than those laid down in the State, national requirements should be applied.
  3. The information referred to in the Protocol may be changed depending on the overall situation in the country and the changes in the normative acts.
  4. Limiting the covid-19 pandemic can only happen thanks to responsible action by the public and every individual based on the seriousness of Covid-19 infection, the knowledge and behaviour of each individual to limit infection, follow their health status and the need to act responsibly on the symptoms of morbidity.
  5. Everyone has the personal responsibility to respect social distancing, to regularly wash and disinfect their hands, to follow their state of health, to follow the labelling of coughing/sneezing, to use the safe disposal of handkerchiefs, to avoid touching their faces, and to respect other persons.
  6. From 15th November 2021 LiepU employees and officials may perform their work duties only if they have a vaccination or recovery certificate; until 15th December 2021 LiepU employees who may show a Covid-19 testing certificate of a negative result which is issued not later than before 72 hours, if the specific employee has started the vaccination process until 15th November 2021. Expenses related to testing an employee (an official) covers from his/her own financial resources.
  7. In the on-site study process at LiepU shall be allowed to participate:
    1. persons with a valid Covid-19 interoperable certificate regarding recovery;
    2. LiepU employees according to the requirements of the transitional period specified in Clause 6 of the Protocol.
    3.  persons with a valid Covid-19 interoperable certificate regarding vaccination;
  8. Persons who have an opinion of the consilia of a clinical university hospital regarding postponement of vaccination for a determined time are participating in the study process remotely until the end of the full vaccination course.
  9. It is prohibited to visit LiepU in presence if persons have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 disease, such as high temperature (fever), sore throat, pain in throat, dry cough, severe headache, fatigue, shortness of breath (potential chest tightness), muscle pain, diarrhoea, nausea and the sniffles.
  10. It is recommended for LiepU employees and students to use the application “Stop Covid” (“Apturi Covid”). 

                                                      II. Physical distancing
  11. Despite the relief to Covid-19 vaccinated persons with regard to distancing, the two-metre physical distancing, wherever possible, is recommended.
  12. Before and after lectures, as well as during lecture breaks, assembly must be avoided in the corridors.
  13. Hand shaking or other physical contact is not recommended.
  14. Staying inside LiepU without need is not desirable.

                                                      III. Use of mouth and nose covers
  15. The use of mouth and nose covers in LiepU public indoor spaces is mandatory.
  16. If more than one person is staying in a given indoor area, the mouth and nose covers must be used by all persons, except for:
    1. if it is not possible to perform a specific exercise in a speech therapy class;
    2. a person with obvious movement or mental health problems which lack the ability or skills to use a face mask;
    3. during physical activities and sport trainings and athletes during physical activities at sporting events. This exemption applies to any type of physical class and occupation with sport (including amateur sports and physical activities for keeping and improving health).
    4. music instrument games, in the process of vocal arts and dance.

                               IV. Action in case of a positive or potential Covid-19 illness
  17. If an employee or student shows symptoms of Covid-19 at LiepU, he shall immediately inform LiepU work safety specialist, closely observe the distance and avoid close contact with others until he leaves the workplace, wear a face mask, go home, contact his family doctor, and follow his instructions, including making testing to Covid 19.
  18. If a sick employee or a student with symptoms that are specific to Covid-19 needs help, the person who comes into contact with the sick person also uses a face mask.
  19. If an employee or student with Covid-19 symptoms cannot leave the workplace immediately, he should be isolated (distinguished from other colleagues) by placing in a separate, well-ventilated room until he can leave the workplace (institution, company). It is desirable that the sick person uses a separate toilet. After use of the isolation room and toilet, the premises shall be well ventilated, cleaned and surfaces and objects disinfected which could be touched or used by the sick employee, discarded used napkins and other waste.
  20. If one of the symptoms of Covid-19 illness is present at the place of residence, the employee or student must contact the family doctor for further action without leaving the place of his/her residence, but while being at high temperature, severe cough and difficulty breathing, to call 113 immediately.
  21. The positive result of the Covid-19 test should be informed as soon as possible by calling to LiepU administration phone: +371 29686320 or sending an email to
  22. Upon receiving information on the case of Covid-19 of an employee or a student (from an employee himself, a student or an DPCC epidemiologist), the Director of LiepU Development in cooperation with work safety specialist and the heads of departments and the directors of the specific study programmes shall immediately organise additional measures for the containment of Covid-19:
    1. evaluating the actual situation (conditions in the working environment, duties of the sick person, contacts with other employees, including employees of other departments, etc.), identify the contact persons who comply with the following criteria:
      1. has had a personal contact with a Covid-19 infected person not further than two metres away and for more than 15 minutes;
      2. has had a physical contact with a Covid-19 infected person (for example, a hand shaking, a hug);
      3. has had an unprotected direct contact with the fluxion of a Covid-19 infected person (for example, coughed);
      4. who has stayed in a closed environment (for example, a working/study room, a sharing or a meeting room, a waiting room, etc.) together with a Covid-19 infected person for more than 15 minutes;
    2. in cooperation with DPCC epidemiologist shall specify the scope of contacts, prepare and send a list of contacts to the DPCC (Disease Prevention and Control Center) epidemiologist, indicating their names, surnames, personal codes, telephone numbers and the last day of contact;
    3. inform employees regarding the recommendations of DPCC epidemiologist and organise their establishment in LiepU. 
                                               V. Entry in buildings of Liepaja University
  23. Inside of LiepU buildings in Lielā street 14 and Kūrmāja prospectus by presenting an identification document may stay persons who can show a valid Covid-19 interoperable certificate regarding vaccination or recovery, as well as LiepU employees according to the Clause 6 of the Protocol – by presenting a certifying document about the fact of the start of the vaccination process which attests the fact of the start of the vaccination process until 15th Novemeber 2021 together with a testing certificate which is issued not earlier than before 72 hours.
  24. Couriers, cargo suppliers, fire safety or security signalling, equipment or system repairers or system cleaning persons who do not come into direct contact with those involved in the educational process may be present in the performance of work tasks and without presenting Covid-19 certificates or tests.
  25. In LiepU buildings where the study process is not held - Kuršu Street 20, Kr. Valdemāra Street 4 and Baseina Street 9, general national epidemiological restrictions should be observed.
  26. Leaseholders of LiepU premises shall comply with LiepU requirements regarding the need for an interoperable certificate for all persons indoors.
  27. Certificates, as well as personal identification documents, are checked at the entrance of buildings.
  28. The entry and exit of persons into buildings only takes place through the central building entrances, other building entrances are used only as emergency exits or for the reception of freight. When accepting the freight, the responsibility of the freight maker shall be to control the compliance of persons with the requirements of the Protocol.
  29. All personnel working on site (including fully vaccinated and recovered persons) shall certify in writing that they have no signs of acute respiratory infectious disease, are not obliged to comply with isolation, home quarantine or self-isolation, and it is unknown whether they have been in direct contact with a person infected with Covid-19 during the last 10 days.
  30. Persons who do not have a valid Covid-19 interoperable certificate on vaccination or recovery shall not be provided with an electronic access key for MpLab premises in Kūrmājas prospectus 13.
  31. Correspondence and documents shall be submitted and received by an administrator (key person) in Lielā Street 14 or shall be left in correspondence boxes placed at the administator. 

                 VI. Organisation of the study process (including Lifelong Learning Department)
  32. During on-site study process and examinations makes registration of the present students in the list.
  33. Evaluating the specifics of the specific study programme, the dean is entitled to take a reasoned decision regarding the full or partial process of the course or module parts of the study programme remotely, ensuring that the quality of the studies is not reduced, informing the Study Department of the decision taken.
  34. Students who do not have a valid Covid-19 interoperable certificate on vaccination or recovery by evaluating the situation are given the opportunity to participate remotely in the study process in the audience.
  35. Online lessons are organized in the Microsoft Teams environment at the time specified in the lectures’ list whilst fixing the attendance.
  36. The acquisition of on-site professional further education, professional development, non-formal education programmes for adults (including interest education), the acquisition of programmes for the development of professional competence of educators, as well as other forms of training, resulting in the issuance of an attestation document - certificate, licence, attestation, diploma or other a document of a similar nature, whether the maintenance, extension or renewal of the term of the document attestation is carried out, shall be carried out only in an epidemiologically safe regime, subjected to the following conditions:
    1. training is held after a prior appointment;
    2. a person shall be provided not less than 3 m2 of the publicly available area of premises;
    3. in one training group is not less than 20 persons;
    4. ventilation of premises with a mechanical ventilation system or natural ventilation shall be ensured so that the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) does not exceed 1 000 ppm, and continuous or regular air quality control shall be ensured as far as possible.

                                                           VII. Business trips
  37. Business trips, work trips or other mobility events related to person travelling are organised according to the following principles:
    1. strictly observing the epidemiological safety measures specified in Latvia and requirements related to them;
    2. enhanced evaluating whether it is not possible to achieve the results related to the purpose of the trip in a different way;
  38. When LiepU staff is travelling abroad, additionally to subject to the following conditions:
    1. by examining the epidemiological situation of the specific country of destination and transit countries and the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Disease Prevention and Control Center and observing them;
    2. strictly observing the epidemiological safety measures specified in the country of destination and transit country and the requirements related to them;
    3. observing the epidemiological safety measures and requirements of the education institution or other institutions to which it is intended to go;
    4. making travel insurance, which also covers potential costs, which may arise for the person regarding the COVID-19 infection.             
                                                      VIII. Cleaning and ventilating rooms
  39. All surfaces frequently touched by people, such as door handles, wall and window surfaces, surfaces in toilets and bathrooms, phones, tablets, keyboards, must be carefully cleaned and disinfected. The recommended tools and methods by DPCC for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces must be used.
  40. In all rooms where persons are staying, regular and intensive ventilation shall be ensured, ensuring the full opening of windows and, as far as possible, the opening of doors. The maximum length of time allowed for the ventilation is the time planned for the break or the ventilation must be done as much as 15 minutes once every two hours (if the weather permits such duration).

                                                       IX. Admission of foreign students or teachers
  41. When hosting foreign teachers, guests or students, LiepU responsible persons closely follow the epidemiological restrictions imposed in Latvia regarding arrived persons and compliance with them.
  42. In LiepU on-site shall be accepted only guest lecturers who have concluded a vaccination course and may show an appropriate certificate. The verification of certificates shall take place prior to the arrival of the person concerned and shall be carried out by LiepU person who is responsible for the activity.
  43. The responsible LiepU person has been informed about the place of self-isolation of a foreign student in Latvia.

                                                                             X. Library’s work
  44. LiepU library’s services on-site shall only be performed for persons with a valid Covid-19 interoperable certificate on vaccination or recovery.
  45. The issue of books at LiepU from a library subscription is preferable by prior reservation BIS “Alice” or by telephone, by receiving a reservation at the employee of the subscription during the library’s working time.
  46. The transfer of books shall only be permitted by means of a book-drop box in the lobby where they will be quarantined for at least an overninght, in accordance with the working time of LiepU buildings and the epidemiological safety measures for the containment spread of Covid-19. 

                                                                       XI. Other processes
  47. Other events (sport trainings/classes, choir, dance collective rehearsals/classes, cultural events, exhibitions, further training classes, etc.) are organised at LiepU in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation No.720 of the Cabinet of Ministers “Regarding Declaration of the Emergency Situation” of the 9th October 2021 and the Regulation No.662 of the Cabinet of Ministers “Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of Covid-19 Infection” of the 28th September 2021 and following LiepU requirements regarding the presence of Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificates for all participants of the event.
  48. When organising on-site events or other type of conduct, the organiser shall provide a list of the participant registration.
  49. Receiving a Covid-19 certificate for vaccination or recovery, this shall not later than in 5 working days:
    1.  students must upload on LAIS system;
    2.  employees must sent to email -
  50. If a person has received an opinion of the consilium from a clinical university hospital regarding the need to postpone the person’s vaccination against Covid-19, with a specified time limit for postponing vaccination, the opinion, not later than within 5 working days, shall be sent to the e-mail -

                                                              XII. Closing provisions
  51. The Protocol comes into force on 15th November 2021.