29 November 2021

Admission for Studies in Spring intake 2022 is open!

Dear potential students!

We are continuing to accept your applications for studies at Liepaja University in the Spring 2022 intake. Thank you for your big interest.

We are accepting applications for the following study programs taught in English:

✔️Bachelor of “Information Technology”

✔️Bachelor of “Computer Sciences”

✔️Master of “Information Technology”

Let us share with you reasons for choosing Liepaja University by our LiepU bachelor study program's “Information Technology” graduate Nabeel Munir:
1) When I first came here, I was not sure if this is the place where I can work on my goals and achieve them. But after coming to LiepU and studying here, I started to realize that I will have a lot of great opportunities here.
2) LiepU offers a great number of opportunities to students to work on their skills, for example, there are programming competitions held in LiepU where students can showcase their skills and win prizes and get in touch with professional companies.
3) Another great opportunity that LiepU offers is Erasmus+ scholarships. It is more like a mind opening and life-changing opportunity. You can have a study semester or internship in a different university or a company in Europe, study in a new environment, learn about a different culture and learn from different people.
4) LiepU provides a great study environment in a peaceful city of Liepaja. You can go anywhere, to the beach, park with your book or laptop, enjoy the nature and study.
5) Teachers at LiepU are really motivating and helping the students to grow more and to learn more. They are always there to help. Even after the university hours, if you send an e-mail or text them, they will answer your doubts. All you must do is to reach out to them and they are ready to help you out to get out of a situation that you think is not possible. Teachers are like: “Hey, don’t you dare to give up!”.

If you want to join our friendly international community and study together with students from 20 countries, apply till 1st December 2021 and start your studies from 7th February 2022!

Discover LiepU with student's eyes!