24 March 2021

New Strategic Partnership project "Beyond the Limits: Developing Entrepreneurship via Creativity in Schools"

From December 2020 LiepU Faculty of Pedagogy and Social Work implements Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership Project: “BEYOND THE LIMIT: DEVELOPING ENTREPRENEURSHIP VIA CREATIVITY IN SCHOOLS”.

Project No: 2020-1-TR01-KA203-093989. Duration: 3 years.

The coordinator of the project is Sakarya University in Turkey - partner university with which LiepU has long-term and productive cooperation in both the implementation of other projects, including Erasmus+ student and staff mobilities, and in organising and managing international scientific conferences. The project manager is Prof. Dr Osman Titrek.

The main objective of the project is the implementation of creative approaches to the development of student leadership and skills in education. During the project, it is intended to do a research and carry out an intensive programme for students – future teachers. The results of the research are intended to be reflected in scientific publications and in the conference.

The project involves partners from different countries:

- Granada University (Spain)

- Agora University (Romania)

- University of Koimbra (Portugal)

- Montfort University (United Kingdom)

- Padova University (Italy)

- Centre for Studies, Culture and Development (Italy).

LiepU professors: Linda Pavītola, Ilze Miķelsone and Jana Grava have been involved in this project.