12 May 2020

Rector’s Order about Working Regime



8th May 2020, No 25 - v

About working regime

  1. State of emergency in Latvia is EXTENDED till 9 June 2020 due to the safety measures to limit the distribution of Covid-19.
  2. To ALLOW from 13 May 2020 to organize on-the-spot counselling for students (including practical and laboratory works) in preparation for the Final/State exams (observing recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for safety measures, as well as ensuring the social (physical) distancing and epidemiological security measures, including indoor coming together restrictions – at the same time not more than 25 persons, up to a maximum of 3 hours stay in the same room and to ensure access to disinfectants, as well as within a 2-metre distance between any person (hereinafter - safety measures), in accordance with a schedule approved by the dean.
  3. To DEFINE the following Liepaja University main building open hours for staff and visitors:
  • Building in Kurmajas prospekts 13 will be close till 9 June 2020;
  • Building in Lielā street 14 (main building) till 9 June 2020 will be open in working days from 9:00-17:00.
  1. Staff and visitors shall be permitted to enter the building within a distance of 2 metres between any person, presenting a valid LiepU staff card, other visitors can enter the main building only prior coordination with the relevant LiepU department (the head of the department must notify the doorman of the visitor).
  2. To ASSURE that from 13 May 2020 Liepaja University library is OPEN to visitors by assuring the following conditions:
  • visiting hours each working day from 10:00-14:00;
  • in the library premises at the same time can stay not more then 10 persons (borrowing room – 3, copying place – 2; Reading room – 5), by assuring the 2 metres distance between any person and hand hygiene;
  • in the library each visitor van stay not longer than 3 hours;
  • in the borrowing room the staff of library will issue the book(s) after user’s prior made list or reservation in the online catalogue;
  • to return the book(s) it is possible to use only book-drop box in the entrance hall of LiepU;
  • it is prohibited to visit the library with symptoms of respiratory diseases.


Dace Markus