20 March 2020

Guest lecturers from Klaipeda University continue academic work in LiepU

With support of the European Social Fund project “Perfection of the Academic Staff of Liepaja University in the Areas of Strategic Specialization - Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Art, Social Sciences, Commerce and Law” (No in the spring semester of the study year 2019/2020 two guest lecturers from Klaipeda University – Rasa Viederyte and Tatjana Paulauskiene are giving lectures in the professional Master study programme “Ecotechnologies” of Liepaja University in the study direction “Environmental protection”. The guest lecturer Olga Anne from Klaipeda University is also giving lectures in this study direction since autumn semester. Both above mentioned guest lecturers together with guest lecturer Olga Anne and director  of the  mentioned study programme Lilita Ābele during one year have already developed new study courses in the professional Master study programme “Ecotechnologies” and carried scientific research work by participating in various scientific conferences held in Liepaja University and Poland, but currently guest lecturers are combining the lecture giving with started scientific research work in LiepU, integrating their professional knowledge and huge experience in the development of the professional Master study programme “Ecotechnologies”.

The guest lecturer Rasa Viederyte is giving lectures in the study course “Industrial symbiosis and Clustering” (3 ECTS), but Tatjana Paulauskiene is giving lectures in the study course “Environmental Technology” (3 ECTS) of the professional Master study programme “Ecotechnologies”.

Tatjana Paulauskiene about the lecture work with 2nd course master students of the professional Master study programme “Ecotechnologies” accents that, in general, she is very satisfied: “Half of the master students, who are studying in this study programme, are students from China and Pakistan, so their lectures are happening in English, they have got quite high level of knowledge and experience about the topic of the study course that does not create any problems in communication with master students. Students are creative and think critically, actively engage in discussions by argueing their opinion on the topic “Industrial symbiosis and Clustering”. In the laboratory works students show a serious attitude towards their study process by working as a team.”

Regarding the scientific research work in the project, Tatjana Paulauskiene admits that she is proud that scientific activities overreach her expectations. “The first year was very intensive and productive. I and two guest leturers - Rasa Viederyte and Olga Anne, as well as the study programme director of the professional Master study programme “Ecotechnologies” Lilita Ābele participated in three scientific conferences, and we jointly prepared five publications in the study direction “Environmental protection”. Now we all are focusing on the lecture work,” says the guest lecturer Tatjana Paulauskiene.

About personal and professional benefits from the project, Tatjana Paulauskiene answers: “In this project I highly evaluate professional benefits, especially, interdisciplinary approach in the research work, as well as positive experience in the lecture giving to students. Also I am glad to get to know more about social and cultural life of the neighbour country Latvia.”

Tatjana Paulauskiene is an associate professor in Engineering at Klaipeda University,  researcher in Environmental and Chemical engineering,  deputy dean for studies in the faculty of Marine technology and Natural science, knowledge and technology transfer specialist, innovative business development consultant, has obtained a doctoral degree in Environmental engineering.

Rasa Viederyte is an associate professor, senior specialist in the Business management department of Klaipeda University, has obtained a doctoral degree in Economics, owner and manager in enterprise “Jurinis klasteris”,

Olga Anne is a professor in the faculty of Marine technology and Natural science of Klaipeda University, senior researcher in environmental management, economic activity’s environmental impact assessment, green innovations, has been an engineer and head of the department of Air Emissions and has obtained a doctoral degree in Technical sciences.

The aim of the project is to perfect and strengthen the professional competence of Liepaja University academic staff, to promote the renewal of academic staff, involvement of doctoral students and foreign academic staff in academic work and scientific research in the areas of strategic specialization – natural sciences, mathematics and information technologies, art, social sciences, commerce and law, in order to ensure qualitative,  internationally competitive and research based higher education, as well as to promote the commercialization of knowledge by improving the cooperation with entrepreneurs of the industry.