6 November 2019

New Study Material “Training Strength and Endurance in Sport: Historical Perspective and Open Questions” has been published

In the frame of the European Social Fund project No. “The perfection of academic staff of Liepaja University in the areas of strategic specialization – speech therapy, preschool education and primary education”, Professor from Bologna University Antonio Cicchella is working at Liepaja University.

One of the results of the scientific and academic work carried out in the project is the study material “Training Strength and Endurance in Sport: Historical Perspective and Open Questions” published by Liepaja University publishinh house “LiePA” at the end of October 2019.

The theory and methodology of sports training is currently the study subject in different sports science courses around the World, so in the knowledge of the topicality, the author covers topics such as a short history of training methodologies and theory, general adaptation syndrome, strength training methodologies, development of endurance and others.

Guest Professor A. Cicchella's academic work in LiepU relates to both the direction of sport and pedagogy. In this academic year, the teacher lectures the students of the Master's degree program “General Education Teacher” on the Education Management course. In order to strengthen and maintain cooperation between LiepU and the University of Bologna, the guest professor will also carry out a joint research on the quality of student life in Latvia and Italy, in cooperation with LiepU associate professor Helena Vecenane, as well as develop an application for a strategic partnership project.


Professor Antonio Cicchella: