25 October 2019

LiepU has finished information campaign in Ukraine

Liepaja University in cooperation with Study in Latvia consortium, carried out an informative campaign in Ukraine over the last 3 years, with the aim of promoting the visibility of Latvian universities in Ukraine. During this period, representatives of LiepU Foreign Affairs department participated in several seminars in various cities in Ukraine, international education exhibitions in Kiev, did various seminars at the Latvian Embassy in Ukraine etc.

On 19 October 2019, LiepU Faculty of Humanities and Arts Lecturer Paula Vītola and International Coordinator Sintija Leigute participated in the education forum in Kiev: “Try True Education Abroad” organized by the education agency “Intellect Guide”. Paula Vītola led two lessons for Ukrainian students: “Demystifying technology through media practice”,  while Sintija Leigute gave a presentation to potential student parents on why to choose studies at the University of Liepaja.

On 22 October Erika Lauberga, Chief specialist of Foreign affairs department represented LiepU at the “Begin Edu Fair” organized international education exhibition in Kiev. Erika Lauberga adds: “The interest of Latvia in Ukraine has increased, some parents even asked – why studies in Latvia are so popular in Ukraine?”.