Open Lecture: Creative projects in Project Management


October 31, 2:00 PM
until October 31, 4:00 PM


Liepaja University (Map)


You are welcome to attend the open lecture of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences Lecturer Simona Grigaliuniene!
Lecture on 31.10.2019, 14:00, room 303, on Creative projects in project management.

Success of the project mostly depends on manager with the team and project creativeness. Mains studies illustrate that critic, economic innovations and creative communication are the main goals to for effective projects. The main goal of this subject is to help students to find methods and technologies which let students make there one creative insights.
Objective of this course is to convey necessary knowledge and skills for students so that after this course they could have a logic and critic thinking and could use creative processes in project management.

Main parts of this course are:
• Ability to manage creative process and effectiveness of it;
• To use necessary creation methods;
• Solve creation barriers in command work
• Ability to develop creative process in complicated situations.

No pre-registration is needed!