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Strategic Partnership project: PROWIDE

Liepaja University is a partner in Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project: "Online Proctoring Manager – Further Education Program for Supporting Digital Transformation at HEIS". Duration of this project is 20 months.

There are the following partner organisations involved in this project:





Proctorio GmbH / Germany.

About the project: the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has reopened a debate over the equal opportunities, accessibility to and flexibility when obtaining (online) academic education. Whilst HEIs seem to have managed to make a transition to digital learning and teaching, online assessment, in particular, online proctoring (OP), is still in its infancy across EU, although this service might be powerful tool for conducting professional testing without leaving home and therefore significantly contribute to increasing opportunities for all towards receiving an academic degree.

The reasons are manifold: data protection issues, compatibility with educational law, inadequately qualified online proctors, lack of awareness among internal HEI stakeholders (including HEI managerial, teaching and administrative staff, and – last but not least – students). Even if a HEI takes a decision to introduce online proctoring services, they usually rely on support of proctoring companies who, indeed, have at their disposal needed technical expertise, but are not in charge of implementing a holistic approach to online proctoring atHEIs. As a result, end-users of OP services, students and teachers, are mostly discouraged and confused with their online proctoring experiences.

The goal of the PROWIDE project is to help HEIs make a transition to high-quality online education and, in particular, to remote exams by ensuring the best possible academic integrity.

Objectives of the PROWIDE project are:

- To boost capacities for HEIs towards implementing holistic OP strategies;

- To raise awareness of HEIs stakeholders for OP services;

- To promote new job opportunities related to the management of OP services within different sectors by having a specific focus on HEIs.