National programs and projects

Latvian Language

The project “Latvian Language” of the national research programme is composed as a set of 10 sub-projects, whereby each of the 10 tasks defined in the Cabinet regulation Nr. 465 “Par valsts pētījumu programmu “Latviešu valoda”” corresponds to one sub-project.

The goal of the Liepāja University (LiepU) is to provide a research-based, regionally-important and competitive education of high-quality (higher professional, academic and lifelong education); to contribute to a knowledge-based and competency-based development of the national economy, and to promote a creative, culture-oriented society. Within the project framework, LiepU will coordinate the sub-project "LATVALA -Latvian language learning" devoted to researching the acquisition of Latvian as native, second and foreign language. Likewise, LiepU as an educational and research institution focused on the Kurzeme region will engage in regional studies as well. LiepU has been an important partner in earlier national research programmes, such as Letonics and National Identity.