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LATVALA - Latvian language acquisition

Research in the field of Latvian language acquisition will enhance the competitiveness of Latvian both on local and global scale and will analyze the data regarding the situation in Latvian language acquisition as first, second and foreign language (taking into account language proficiency and the factors that influence learning). It is intended to supplement the already existing learner corpus and to compile a new one; to describe successful cases of retaining Latvian as an ethnic heritage language, and to prepare new recommendations in general didactics and linguodidactics with the aim of improving Latvian language acquisition and thus supporting its sustainability. A methodic aid for a definite target audience will also be elaborated for this purpose.

The goal of sub-project LATVALA is to investigate the current situation in the Latvian language acquisition in a broad range of regions, ages and ethnicities. It is also intended to supplement an already existing learner corpus and to compile a new one; to disseminate the research findings through academic articles and at international conferences, and to elaborate methodic aids for language learning.

The results of the sub-project LATVALA will be new theoretic findings and data on the situation of Latvian language acquisition as mother tongue, as second language and as foreign language. A new and supplemented corpus of the language learners’ data will be prepared, and cases of positive experience will be described about the maintaining of Latvian as the ethnic heritage language in bilingual and multilingual language situation. Methodological recommendations will be provided for future actions to improve the acquisition of Latvian, thereby strengthening its sustainability and quality.



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