National programs and projects


The goal of the sub-project Terminology is to update and develop the terminology theory in Latvia (that includes critical analysis of the relevance of the existing terminology theory to the current situation of the Latvian language, compilation of the achievements in the development of terminology in particular subject fields, and identification of similarities and differences of terminology development in Latvian and Lithuanian language), and to summarize the historical experience and the common traits of the development of Latvian terminology in various fields of humanities.

Theoretical concepts of the principles and trends in the field of terminology shall eventually benefit the academics, governmental officials, translators, experts of various fields, and anyone with an interest in the field as well as institutions (including European Union translation services, governmental and commercial institutions). The results of the research will also contribute to further development of the study courses related to terminology and translation studies in various higher education institutions in Latvia, especially University of Latvia, Liepāja University, Daugavpils University and Riga Technical University.