National programs and projects


The goal of the sub-project Sociolinguistics is to provide theory-based recommendations for further development of language policy as an important part of the domestic policy in Latvia, including suggestions for amendments and changes in the respective legal acts, and proposals for language acquisition strategies as well as for raising public awareness on language issues. This goal will be achieved by parallel research in two directions: quantitative analysis (monitoring) of the dynamics of language situation (assessing such indicators as Latvian language skills among various social groups, and language use in certain sociolinguistic functions) and qualitative studies of language attitudes (including public opinion about language issues, linguistic stereotypes etc).

The results of the sub-project Sociolinguistics will be important in the assessment of the impact of global, regional and national processes on the Latvian language situation. The final results will be displayed in two extensive publications:

1) a collective monograph on the language attitudes in Latvia;

2) the regular report of the language situation monitoring.

Research results will be applied in the development of the study programmes (in particular courses of sociolinguistics) at all levels in Latvian universities, especially in the University of Latvia, Liepāja University, Daugavpils University, and others.